For those who erroneously believe that privilege-checking only applies to white people, Youtube star Kat Lazo’s new video on privilege within the Latinx community urges them to think again.

In the video, Lazo gives her viewers a breakdown on the many intersecting Latinx identities, including but not limited to blackness, dis/ability, gender and sexual orientation.

“As a Latina, I know that we’re marginalized…but we’re not all marginalized in the same way, or even to the same degree”, Lazo contends right before she begins discussing her various forms of privilege as a middle-class, able-bodied, cisgender and lighter-skinned Latina. Lazo paid particular attention to the latter identity.

“Light-skinned Latinx experience certain privileges unlike darker-skinned Latinx—it’s called colorism”, she says. With documentaries like For Dark Girls shedding light on the continued preference given to Black American women of a lighter hue, Lazo’s discussion of the economic, emotional and psychological effects of colorism within her community reminds us that it is a global issue.

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With over 22,000 views, the video has been received rather positively, and a quick foray into the comments section show that it has also generated healthy conversation. Here’s to hoping this privilege check leads to a heightened understanding of intersectionality and respect.

Image via Youtube