Laurella Willis wants action and nothing else. The Blue Island resident, which is just outside of Chicago, has been walking 20 miles a day on the city’s Southside with a sign draped over her shoulders that reads, “Black America I’m Sorry” on both sides. 

“I don’t want to continue to see Black Americans being oppressed, and held down and killed like animals,” Willis told CBS.

She’s been seen for multiple days now walking throughout the city as passersby take photos and look on in curiosity. One of which was Mark Hunt, a radio personality at WVON 1690, which is located on 87th street, a few blocks east of Cottage Grove Avenue.

“No one put her up to this and she woke up and decided White America there’s a problem and we need to do something about it,” Wallace said.

Hopefully Willis will get people talking about the responsibility everyone has in making this country safer for all who live in it.

Photo Credit: Twitter