This year’s Republican National Convention is set to be a standout celebration of the problematic campaigning that’s gotten Donald Trump closer to the White House than many expected. Trump and his supporters will likely give speeches on immigration reform and police violence, among other topics, to the largest group of supporters they’ve seen yet. While their words are sure to subtly trigger the racist tendencies of many who listen, RNC staffers are working to remove what appears to be more overt racism at the Quickens Loans Arena.

According to the New York Daily News, Byron Tau, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, was the first to arrive and notice a sign hanging form the ceiling that read “white elevators.” Now, for anyone that’s even relatively familiar with U.S. history, this is eerily similar to the “white” and “colored” signs that separated both an entire country and the facilities they were allowed to use during the Jim Crow-era.

This may just be a coincidence after someone attempted to designate different elevators for the sake of giving direction. But it’s placement at the National Convention meant to celebrate the most overtly racist candidate since George Wallace is striking.

Staffers have likely removed the sign by now – they were walking around the arena looking for them as soon as word got out – but it’s safe the say the damage has been done.

The rest of us may be in 2016, but it looks like the Quicken Loans Arena is going to be trapped in 1945 for the next four days.

Photo Credit: Twitter