“On January 20, President Obama delivered his sixth State of the Union address in which he discussed a variety of social and economic concerns facing the country. However, when it came to the issues of racism and police violence – the issue facing Black people – the President was silent.

And so, in order to elevate our voices and the movement we have built to address the systemic oppression we face, over a dozen organizations have come together to release the State of the Black Union.

We recognize that not even a Black President will speak our truths. So in the name of all Black people killed by racial terror in this country, we speak and continue to make Black lives matters.” — State of the Black Union

The following organizations contributed to the #SOBU:

Justice League NYC, Millennial Activists United, Black Lives Matter, Trans Women of Color Collective, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Dream Defenders, Black and Brown People Vote, Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, African American Policy Forum, ThinkMoor, Unchained, BYP 100, Black Alliance for Just Immigration, Freedom Side, Ohio Students Association, Millions March NYC, Hands Up United and the Organization for Black Struggle.