Often, people in rival gangs don’t realize that they have more in common with each other than not. Fortunately, this wasn’t the case for two former rivals in Los Angeles gangs.

Malachi Jenkins, a former Crip, and Roberto Smith, a former Blood, met while still in their respective gangs but soon realized they both shared a love for the culinary arts, according to VIBE.

“All money isn’t good money”, Jenkins said to a local new station. “[Selling drugs] worked for me for a little while until it started to get me into trouble, so I had to find something legit to do.”

Jenkins then enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu for cooking classes. Upon finishing, he donned the name Chef Spanky and garnered a noticeable amount of Instagram fame after posting pictures of his dishes for the public. He and Smith then came together to form Trap Kitchen LA.

“The gang stuff, the shootings, now that I’m in this kitchen, I don’t go through none of that,” Smith said, according to The Root.

Staying true to the same methods that granted their original success, the two still mostly operate through Instagram, where they’ll post photos of their dishes that can either be delivered or picked up.

Photo Source: Twitter