Earlier this week, the U.S. Senate completely failed to pass any of the four proposed amendments concerning gun laws in this country. They were concerned with gun sales, background checks, and the accessibility of weapons to those people on the government’s radar. Even after experiencing the deadliest mass shooting by a single shooter in recent U.S. history, the two sides found no room to compromise.

In hindsight, it’s an embarrassment for both sides of U.S. politics, no matter what kind of finger pointing is going on across the aisle.

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“We didn’t get the votes in our favor, but we did get Republicans on record once again standing against 90 percent of their constituents,” said Senator Chris Murphy (D – Conn.), who presented one of the bills for erasing the “gun show loophole” and held a 15-hour filibuster this past week. “And there will be a price to pay eventually at the electorate.”

But Murphy fails to see that while right wing conservatives may feel the brunt of the results of this failure, everyone will be affected.

For clarity’s sake, the four bills that were proposed were split evenly among the parties, according to NBC. Democrats reportedly pushed for stricter gun sale laws and put major roadblocks in the way for online sales and looked to prohibit sales to anyone who has ever been on one of the government’s many watch lists.

Republicans were looking to appear to have the same goals in mind, but with much less drastic methods. Their two bills proposed a 72-hour period where the government could investigate the sale of a gun to someone on a watch list, with the option for them to appeal their status and for slightly stricter rules of sales at shows. They were also willing to fund a study into the causes of mass shootings.

Despite both parties appearing to be on the same team for once – a team where 49 people aren’t being killed and another 53 aren’t injured at a night club – they still couldn’t find a middle ground because of their strict differences. And the involvement of the NRA, which has donates millions into Congress in recent years.

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According to Reuters, senators are currently looking to save face after the fiasco and are pitching the idea that there’s still a “glimmer of hope” that the two parties will vote to pass some stricter gun legislation to help a problem we’re clearly having on a national scale.

This mockery of politics goes against all of the arguments both parties appear to stand for. Gun advocates claim that mental illness and terrorism are the real issues, and not the access to weapons. The liberal opposition claims that they want to get rid of as many guns as possible. Well, the opportunity to come together and do both just went out the window following a tragedy that the country is still trying to come back from. If this isn’t the time, what devastating event will have to occur for the necessary push?

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