A chapter of the Ku Klux Klan has been passing out anti-transgender fliers throughout Alabama and Mississippi with hopes of recruiting new members. The Loyal White Knights KKK chapter that’s taking credit for the fliers is located in North Carolina, where the national debate over transgender people using bathrooms designated for the gender they identify with has come to a head.

Grand Dragon Robert Jones told Huffington Post that the chapter has already gotten five members from Dothan, AL, where residents first saw the fliers and contacted authorities.

The flier cites Deuteronomy 22:5 and condemns transgender people as “abominations according to the King James bible.” It goes on to say make accusations of “jeopardizing the safety of bathrooms all across the nation for our women and children. This needs to STOP.”

“I think that it’s going to become an issue in the future,” Jones said. “I have a feeling a lot of violence is going to come out of this.”

Dothan Police Captain William Benny reportedly said that, to his knowledge, there are no active chapters of the KKK in the area and that this appears to have been an isolated incident.

This situation goes to show that hate has many faces and continues to evolve.

Photo Credit: Twitter