When many of us do good deeds we hope that we’re putting out some positive vibes to come back around later on. Like, much later on. But for a teen in Memphis, his reward came rather quickly and in a form much grander that anyone could’ve imagined. 

Chauncy Black says he was just looking to get some donuts when he approached Matt White outside of a grocery store and offered to help him with his groceries. White saw the good deed and returned the favor by taking him into the store and buying him groceries of his own and giving him a ride home.

“This kid was really brave,” said White. “The look on his face was kind of broken. He looked hungry. I just thought to myself, if I was his age, I don’t think I could go up to someone and ask them for food. I looked at him like he was my hero.”

When White walked into the teen’s home, he could instantly see that he and his family could use some help. Black and his mother, Barbara Martin, lived in a home with only a couch and a couple of lamps after being the victims of a burglary. They slept on makeshift beds comprised of sleeping bags.

So, to help Black work and make some money of his own, White set up a GoFundMe page with a moderate goal of $250 to buy him a lawnmower. As of this writing, the page has raised more than $290,000.

“I am blown away how God has used the power of their story to provide so much already for them,” White wrote in a Facebook post. “I pray that he will continue to do so and that we will have all the funds and resources we need to secure Chauncy and his mom for the rest of their lives.”

With the shocking public support, White has plans to help the family move to a new home and place them on a track to future stability for the rest of their lives.

“It means a whole lot to us and our family,” Black said. “We are very thankful to all of those who reached out to get us into a better home and a safe environment.”

Not that you should go around doing good deeds because you want to get $300,000 for it, but it doesn’t hurt as extra motivation to do good things. Which we could always use more of.

Photo Credit: YouTube