Black women in the study recalled being regularly mistaken for janitors and were constantly worried about the “angry black female” stereotype.From Mashable:

According to a recent report conducted by the University of California’s Hastings College of the Law, a whopping 100% of women of color interviewed in the study said they’ve experienced gender bias, compared to 93% of white women. Conducted by Professor Joan C. Williams, 557 women overall were surveyed (white women and women of color), and 60 women of color participated in more in-depth interviews.

Aside from common sexist issues, women of color were clearly subject to unwarranted stereotypes. For example:

  • Black and Latina women said they were regularly mistaken for janitors.
  • Asian-American women felt more pressure to act traditionally feminine.
  • Black women controlled emotion to avoid an “angry black female” stereotype.
  • Latina women reported being labeled as “crazy” when they expressed emotion.
  • Asian-American women faced more pushback from peers if they acted assertively.

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