Some of Hip-Hop’s biggest voices come together in a less than stellar song to show support for the movement in Ferguson.

Besides the fact that the song sounds like a rush job with every rapper phoning it in with their performances, Puff Daddy’s performance is the most troubling of all. In Puffy’s verse he name-drops his premium vodka, “police taking shots and I ain’t talking about Ciroc.” Normally I wouldn’t have thought much about this shameless plug as many rappers are guilty of doing the same, but it was the context in which Puffy used this plug that I find disturbing. That one line wreaks of a man whose own greed and self-aggrandizement supersedes the seriousness of the situation at hand. I get the fact that it was a clever line, but I always question his motives. Could Puffy have conveyed the same message by omitting his liquor brand from his verse? Yes. Did he? No. Why? Because branding is more important to Puffy’s ego and pocket then removing himself completely from the situation. I know I sound cynical about Puffy’s intentions, but this is the same guy who sold “vote or die” t-shirts for his Citizen Change organization that is mysteriously defunct now that the job is done? I guess I am afraid that Puff Daddy is using the situation in Ferguson as a covert way to sell his liquor and make a profit off of a family’s pain. I hope to God I’m wrong!

Puffy’s Foolishness Starts At Around The 1:12 Mark