Police across the United States are on high alert following the deaths of 8 officers on two different occasions. As of July 17, 28 officers had been killed this year compared to only 18 during the same period in 2015. As a result, police departments across the country are changing their tactics and requiring their officers to go out on patrol in pairs.

Officers in New York, Baton Rouge, Chicago, Boston and New Orleans have all sent notifications to their fellow officers that they’ll no longer travel alone so that they can avoid walking into an ambush like in Baton Rouge.

“There are to be no solo foot posts citywide,” the New York City Police Department said in a bulletin, according to NBC. “All uniform members of service shall arrive and remain on post together. All meals and personal breaks will also be taken in pairs.”

Officers are reportedly feeling threatened and wonder if every call could be their last.

“This is a tough time, we’ll feel the effects of it for a while,” said NOPD Chief Michael Harrison, according to ABC. “What they’re experiencing, we’re experiencing here emotionally. These officers need to feel safe. This will last until we feel we don’t need it anymore.”

Photo Caption: Wiki Commons