It takes a lot of courage for a young Black woman to speak up in the midst of racist people. Yet, that is exactly Jessica Disu, an activist, community organizer, and artist from Chicago did on Monday’s airing of Kelly File on Fox News.

In the clip, Disu says outright, “We need to abolish police. Period.” This was after being interrupted several times by other audience members who disagreed with her stance. She went on to explain that police forces in communities around the country need to be de-militarized and disbanded. Audience members then let out audible groans in response.

Megyn Kelly then asks her, “Who is going to protect the community if we abolish the police?” Disu responds, “We need to come up with community solutions. The police began as slave patrol.”

What is so interesting about the footage is the complete disregard and disrespect for this young woman who lives and organizes in a city so often stereotyped and mis-identified by affluent people seeking to criminalize Blackness. That her voice was ignored among Fox News audience members is not surprising. However, it does underscore that people outside of these communities believe the only way to address people of color is through more policing.

What is probably the worst consequence of dialogues like this is that it never really seems like White people showed up to find real solutions. More policing hasn’t ever worked. If anything, the hyper-surveillance of communities of color has only exacerbated tensions between communities of color and police forces. Yet, many Whites continue to beat people of color, especially Black folks, over the head with that suggestion.

Disu is dope for even venturing into that space at all let alone opening her mouth and making space for a conversation on police abolition. However, if no one is listening, it is hard to see how we will get anywhere soon where communities of color and policing are concerned.


Photo: screenshot