The presidential election has been hotly contested on both sides of the aisle. While many folks have been concerned about the Republican ticket, many others have shown their general disfavor for Hillary Clinton.

Rapper Killer Mike has had some of the most clear-headed explanations for his support of Sanders. But, this video of his words at Claflin University are moving and heartfelt. They also point to Clinton’s lack of popularity with many young Black people.

In the rally speech posted by USUncut, Killer Mike says “When you have an opportunity to tell two Black girls to ‘shut up and get off stage’ and you don’t, and you shake their hands and you smile and step to the side and you listen. That it is a firm difference from turning around and staring at a little Black girl and saying ‘shut up, I’ll talk to you later.’ ” His words are specifically about Clinton’s recent interaction with a young Black woman activist who was demonstrating at a private event in direct action against Clinton’s “super-predator” comments. The young woman was ignored and escorted out of the event.

He goes on to say, “If I can find a picture of you from 51 years ago chained to a Black woman protesting segregation and I know 51 years later, you’re willing to fold your arms, hold your head, and listen to two Black girls yell and scream rightfully so…as opposed to someone who will tell you ‘later’ when it comes to your children dying in the streets. ”

Then Killer Mike closes by saying, “I know the only person I have the conscience to vote for is Bernard Sanders.”

Watch the video below:

(Photo: YouTube)