By: Sam Fleming

Kanye West has evolved greatly over the years since his 2004 debut single “All falls down.” He has had some great moments and some not so great moments. But, his albums have been all over the place.

Here is our thorough ranking of his albums with from worst to best. Use the numbered pages below to toggle through the rankings.

yeezusNo. 7: Yeezus

Yeezus marks Kanye’s transition from a musical genius to a self-proclaimed “God.” Undoubtedly Kanye’s most hated album, Yeezus is an angry, unapologetic mess. Between the dark bass-heavy beats and wild lyrics, Kanye delivers a terrifying and confusing piece of art. The album can seem overwhelming, but hidden within the madness is some of Kanye’s most interesting work.

There are a few clear jewels that stand out of this mess that make Yeezus worth revisiting. “Black Skinhead” and “Blood On The Leaves” somehow manage to be two of Kanye’s most catchy, accessible songs, even though the lyrical content is abrasive and angry. And “New Slaves” addresses issues of race in a threatening way, with Kanye screaming over the beat in a way that shows his true anger.Where Yeezus falls short is that it is clearly the least organized Kanye album; it has potential to be so much better, but it ends up just being too unorganized to truly be great.