Barbie dolls have never been as representative of people as they should be. One man is attempting to change that now.

Marcus Montgomery wanted to get his fellow-game designer wife Lisette the latest career Barbie doll, which coincidentally happened to be Game Developer Barbie. Only, all of the dolls that Montgomery could find anywhere were white with red and black hair, according to Buzzfeed.

So, what did he do? Montgomery purchased a black Barbie from a different run, put it into the Game Developer Barbie’s clothes and box and presented it to his wife for her birthday.

“My ultimate goal was to make my wife smile,” he said. “That’s really what I wanted. It was a birthday present and I just wanted to make sure she was happy.”

In case it wasn’t already clear, Lisette was elated with her gift and is proud of her husband’s ingenuity.

“I love my husband because he’s thoughtful and generous,” she told ABC News. “The thought of him struggling to put those tiny clothes on that little Barbie with those big hands cracks me up. It makes me love the gift even more.”

This moment of creativity is actually right in the couple’s wheelhouse. Montgomery is the creator of an organization called We Are Game Devs, according to the Root.

“We Are Game Devs is about celebrating the diversity within the video game industry, which is somewhat unnoticed because of the lack of numbers, so it’s a chance to spotlight their talents and also give role models to people who are trying to become aspiring game developers,” he said. “Representation is something that is very important to my wife and myself; it is one of the things that drives us to work with organizations like Gameheads in Oakland.”

Photo Credit: Marcus Montgomery