Matthew Ajibade, a twenty-two year-old computer science student was found dead in a Savannah, Ga. isolation cell after being arrested during a bipolar episode. The cause of death is still unknown.

Two sheriffs have been placed on administrative leave following the death of Matthew Ajibade, a twenty-two year-old student, while in custody.

Ajibade was experiencing a medical emergency when he was arrested, says Mark O’Mara, his family’s attorney. The twenty-two year old was taken into custody after a domestic violence disturbance  was reported to police. When police arrived, they found Ajibade with a woman who had visible bruises. The woman, later identified as Ajibade’s girlfriend, informed the police of his bipolar disorder and gave them his medication.

Police allege that Ajibade became aggressive once in the local jail. According to a police news release, Ajibade injured three officers while being restrained. He was moved to an isolation cell due to his “dangerous behavior.” Welfare checks were made on Ajibade and on the second check, he was found nonresponsive.

At the request of the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is conducting an independent investigation. An autopsy has been performed but the cause of death is pending further tests. The Chatham County District Attorney’s Office has told news officials that a criminal investigation is ongoing.

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