Zena Stephens is currently running for Sheriff of Jefferson County, Texas. According to her Twitter profile, she’s the third Democrat and only the fourth person overall to be a candidate for this position. She’s also a black woman, which apparently doesn’t sit well with some.

Stephens’ office was the target of a racially motivated shooting where a white man reportedly drove by in a white jeep before yelling something to the effect of “F*** the ni**ers!” before opening fire. According to NBC, five individuals were taken into custody late Monday evening for the shooting.

Stephens told reporters that she was actually standing outside when the shooting happened along with five or six other people. Around 25 people, including Stephens’ friends, parents and niece, according to The Grio, were inside when the glass door was shattered by the bullet.

“Anytime something like that happens with innocent people around, you’re concerned for them,” said Stephens, who is currently Prairieview A&M University police chief. “I don’t know if it was a random act or whether it was targeted, but I just think it is, you know, ignorance.”

The white Jeep Cherokee that was used in the shooting was later found by local authorities with a low-caliber rifle and a bb-style gun inside.

“I am thankful none of our volunteers were injured,” Stephens wrote in an email to NBC. “Today is Super Tuesday and our main focus continues on our campaign. As I have said to my team from the beginning we will continue to run a clean and professional campaign.”


Photo Credit: Twitter