By Jayy Dodd

Black poetics has been a stronghold and foundation for language as we know it. From flips and cuts in grammar, Black folk (globally) have taken back colonized tongue forming new and necessary vocabularies. We hear it in hip-hop, opinion piece and every other Black medium; poetry is an invaluable resource for the diaspora. Below is a brief selection of Black poets you need to know, watch and support:


1. Cam Awkward Rich

Read: “Filling the New House

Watch: “A Prude’s Manifesto

Buy: Transit


2. Morgan Parker

Read: “Beyoncé, touring in Asia, Breaks Down in a White Tee”

Watch: “The History of Black People”

Buy: Other People’s Comfort Keeps Me up at Night


3. Robert Ashley

Read: “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Motherfucker at the Club”

Watch: “23rd Street Anthem”

Buy: the homeboy songs


4. Aziza Barnes

Read: “How To Purchase A Flight”

Watch “Hypnophobia“:

Buy: me Aunt Jemima and the nailgun.


5. Nate Marshall

Read: “on caskets”

Watch: “Look!”

Buy: Wild Hundreds


6. Dominique Christina

Read: “The Period Place”

Watch: “Karma

Buy: They Are All Me


7. Angel Nafis

Read: “Gravity”

Watch: “Angel’s Heart Clown’s the Ocean”

Buy: Black Girl Mansion


Photo: Cam Awkward-Rich (YouTube)