Liz Dozier’s star truly began to rise when she was featured in CNN’s Chicagoland series in 2014. As the then-principal of Fenger High School, her commitment to her students and their futures gained her national attention. After moving on from the position this past summer, many waited to see what Dozier’s next venture would be. They now have their answer. 

Dozier recently announced that she will be the managing director for Chicago Beyond, a new foundation that will pair its goals of making the city safer for the youth while improving education, according to the Chicago Tribune. Chicago Beyond has reportedly partnered with University of Chicago Labs to monitor the long-term effects of the foundation’s work.

“Our kids, their potential is boundless,”  said Dozier. “It’s not that they lack potential, it’s that they lack opportunities and access.”

The new position appears to be a great fit for the former principal, who left her position because she wanted to expand her reach and help more people than she could previously.

“This partnership aims to function in a way that not only moves the needle in Chicago, but well beyond our city limits,” Timothy Knowles, director of the Urban Labs and chairman of the Urban Education Institute, said in a statement.

Dozier doesn’t expect Chicago Beyond to necessarily add anything new to local youth efforts, but instead be another outlet to support already established means of doing so. She also went on to call violence and education “flip sides of the same coin.”

Photo Courtesy: Twitter