A few days ago the world was not-so-shocked when a grand jury decided to not indict the former McKinney, Texas police officer that was seen on video slamming Dajerria Becton, 15, to the ground and drawing a gun on her friends that tried to help. [The shock was only absent because sort of thing always happens, not because it should happen.]

In an attempt to get justice for the former officer’s actions, Becton’s family is planning to file a civil suit against Eric Casebolt and the police department for his actions. Charges filed will include¬†assault, battery, unlawful detention and infliction of emotional distress.

The family attorney, Kim Cole, spoke to¬†NewsOne this past Monday about the lawsuit and the results they hope it’ll lead to.

“I think that’s kind of indicative of where we are in this country today,” Cole said about the grand jury’s decision to not indict. “You see this time and time again where there are no indictments for even murder, for killing and individual. And this is a huge problem that’s facing this country. These grand juries do not hold police accountable.”

Photo Courtesy: Julieta Chiquillo Twitter