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The Chicago police made more street stops last year than the NYPD did at the height of their stop-and-frisk initiative reports the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois.

The study found that the Chicago police stopped African-Americans at a disproportionately higher rate than Latinos and whites. All together, more than 250,000 stops were made from last May to August. In comparison, the NYPD made 192,500 stops without arrest in 2011, the year in which stop-and-frisk was at its peak.

“For young men of color, it becomes just basically everyday street harassment that they learn to live with. Young black and brown men are so used to getting stopped in the city, they really don’t complain about it with the intensity that you would think. It’s become pretty commonplace on the South and West sides of our city,” said ACLU’s director Harvey Grossman.

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Photo: City of Chicago flag