A group of 11 women, 10 black, one white, met up on the Napa Valley Wine Train last August to talk over a book that they’d read and celebrate a birthday, according to¬†USA Today. But, instead of enjoying the festivities, the women were asked to quiet down because they were allegedly disturbing other guests. Later on during the ride, the women were escorted off of the train and encountered police.

The passengers went on to sue the company for $11 million. While the amount is confidential, the group’s attorney,¬†Waukeen McCoy, says that the two parties have reached an “amicable” settlement.

“We were treated like we didn’t belong there, and we paid our money just like everyone else,” Lisa Renee Johnson told KTVU in August. “If they cannot accommodate groups, they should not take our money as a group.”

Apparently, two of the women in the group lost their jobs as a result of the incident. There were also claims of other consequences in their personal lives.

A spokesman for the company has said it’s going to work on introducing sensitivity training and apologized to the women.

Photo Courtesy: Twitter