What kind of world is it where an honor roll student is getting suspended because of a…design in his hair?

A mother in Alabama is voicing her strong, adamant opinions because her 7-year-old student was sent to the principal’s office and initially suspended because the school did not like the design of his new haircut.

Here’s the catch: His new haircut design was simply a curved part.

“He was like upset and he said I had to come get him out of school because he was being suspended. He was pulled out of class, saying that he had a design in his head but it really wasn’t a design, it was a part.” The mother, Keisha Rembert told news station WBRC.

Rembert had to remind the school of her son, Rashaad Hunter’s credentials.

He is an honor roll student who has not gotten in trouble at Greenwood Elementary School in Bessemer, Alabama, which is approximately 15 miles southwest of Birmingham.

“He was walking with his head down, when I saw him he was like teary-eyed at first because he doesn’t want to be suspended for no part in his head. I told him, ‘Don’t hold your head down…continue to make these A’s and B’s because that part is nothing,’” Rembert said.

Rembert made a note to state that the school needs to clarify what a design and the school thinks they should to, now.

According to WBRC, the Bessemer City Schools Superintendent Dr. Fred Primm said that it is hard to define an acceptable hairstyle in black-and-white in the school handbook. He said that this was usually handled on a case-by-case basis. Dr. Primm has made the decision not to suspend the young student and says that he will clarify what is acceptable in the student handbook.

Well, everyone, there you have it, Black boys aren’t allowed to have parts in their hair without creating some type of controversy at this point.

(Photo Credit: Chicago Defender)