Television may be getting even more diverse as dozens of new pilots with black leads and supporting actors make their way to major networks for consideration.

From Shadow and Act:

As what, thus far, looks like a diversity push adopted by major TV networks, with the current season near its end, and executives look to build their summer and fall (and winter 2016) season lineups, here’s a look at TV pilots, and new series (regular and mini/event) that have been ordered for the 2015/2016 TV season, that star black actors, or feature black actors in lead and/or supporting roles. I’m sure there will be more announcements to come, so this list will be updated as I receive new data.

Of note, as of today, March 10, there are at least 73 pilots/series with black actors in starring/lead/supporting roles that have been ordered across broadcast and cable TV networks. ABC leads with 14 projects that feature black actors in starring, lead and/or supporting roles; and NBC is close behind, with 13. 

Also, at least half of the 73 (so far) are lead roles.

In the coming months, we’ll find out how many of these pilots will make it to series, as each network shores-up its lineup for the coming year in television. 

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