The initiative that kids take when things need to get done is always amazing to see. When Tyran Bell found out that his mother was facing financial difficulties and couldn’t afford to buy his school supplies, he stepped up and used her Facebook to ask around and see if anyone would pay him to mow their lawn, according to WECT.

As a result, a donation drive was started by A1 Security Services LLC and the company’s been receiving school supplies ever since. 

“He’s 10 years old. And for a 10-year-old to take that initiative and want to help his mom because she was struggling, I just thought that was amazing,” said A1 Security Services LLC President Theresa Babb.

If his ambition wasn’t already impressive, Bell plans to use the extra school supplies and give them to other children that need them. The donation drive that initially started with the hopes to help one child in need has grown to something that can help an entire community.

“I’m gonna put them in bags and go around the community and pass them out to whoever needs school supplies,” he said.

Babb says that her company is working with social workers to find ways to best distribute the extra school supplies.

“You’ve got these kids going to school and they are going with other kids who have all their nice new supplies to school and they show up with nothing,” she said. “They are starting the year badly there, plus you don’t want them to feel bad. Plus it’s like sending a carpenter out to work without a hammer.”

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons